I am a Creative Consultant for the Food & Beverage Industry. 

I was raised by two Italian food pushers. They peddled their confections, carbohydrates and the like until I could refuse no more. I was a chubby and awkward kid to whom Love was transmitted through the sharing of food. At the dinner table there was an abundance of it. I’m thankful that my quirky parents inadvertently ignited a passion in me that I was able to manifest into a career. May you all find your passion and an abundance of love today and everyday.

I wear a lot of hats but here's where I really knock it out of the park.

- Curated Dining Experiences, Design, + Hosting -

- Consumer Outreach (Marketing, PR) + Experiential marketing -

- Creative management -

- Influencer marketing -

- Editorial Writing + Reviews -

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Curated Dining Experiences, Design + Hosting

Some people pair food and wine. I pair people with curated culinary experiences. All of my events are personally tailored to impact an audience. It's not just about tasting or eating food.  These events are immersive. They incorporate all of the other sensory elements that create memories and feelings of joy - exactly what it takes to make someone return to your business or product. 

Ambiance and design are fundamental to the success of any event. I create spaces that are welcoming, intriguing and sprinkled with a little bit of magic. Let's start here: I'm a tastemaker with a degree in visual merchandising and design from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM), LA. But what really sets me apart is my enthusiasm. I'm a seriously spunky business professional who is passionate about people and the ways we can connect through food culture.

Hosting is a lost art. There is something familial and nostalgic about someone truly welcoming you in to their home, their event, or their heart. It's about being authentic and inclusive. I make people feel like they belong. It builds trust and leaves people feeling like they were a part of something special. 

We don't tell dinners, we tell stories. I want to be a part of your story. 


Consumer Outreach (Marketing, PR) + Experiential marketing

I want to help you communicate with your past, present and future guests. In 2018 I joined forces with NK AGENCY, an international creative marketing agency in Los Angeles, as their Director of Marketing & Brand Partnerships. At NK Agency, we know that Consumer Outreach is much more than sending an email or a press release. It's quality engagement. I specialize in coordinating and creating content for social media, managing marketing and email campaigns and creating events that make guests feel like they're a part of community.

More often than not, an individual client/brand is looking to build business by expanding their customer base. Ideally, marketing and PR move the concept of a good or service to a consumer, but unfortunately many industry professionals over-promise and under-deliver. They are "following the rules" instead of focusing on understanding what your customer needs, wants, and desires. I can't remember the last time I had an emotional response to a press release. People are yearning for a deeper connection. Leading with customer satisfaction, helps us to uncover your brand and story, ultimately connecting you with your consumers where they are, at exactly the right moment.

Experiential Marketing + Onsite Event Management is my jam. This means that my client can continue (and don't be shocked here) schmoozing with their prospective clients, while I make sure all the extra work and coordination associated with the event are handled with ease. My diverse background, including years of management experience in several industries, has prepared me to own any event from start to finish. I also speak restaurant/bar/venue language. I've worked in the Front of the House, prepped in the Back of the House, coordinated countless catering events, and have been a restaurant writer for several years. I know what people expect when they attend events, and I'm well-positioned to provide that. 

I run a business, so I understand the importance of putting your heart and soul into something, as well as managing your time effectively. I'm invested in your business because I'm invested in mine. I work directly with you and don't pass you onto a marketing intern to pick up the pieces. I want to grow together. 

Creative Management

Did you know influencers can make several thousands of dollars for sponsored posts and product campaigns? Are you getting paid that much? If you’re an influencer and you’re not getting paid your worth — well, then there’s a problem here. All of the influencers I manage always say, “ I just want to be creative - I don’t want to deal with the business side of things.” I get it that but don’t cut off your nose to spite your face. Let me help you bring the revenue you deserve for the content you generate.

What do I actually do? I marry influencers with brands, helping both parties forge strategic partnerships. What do you get to do? You go be creative, while negotiate with brands on your behalf, and then you get paid.

You already know you are in a unique position. Anything shared with your followers translates to impressions, clicks and eventually funnel into direct sales for a brand. If brands aren’t paying you for this, you are leaving advertising and marketing dollars on the table. 

Influencer Marketing

Brands, listen up! I’m not going to sugarcoat this for you. The future of successful brand awareness is going to rely heavily on influencer marketing. Period. Consumers don’t fall in love with brands. They fall in love with stories, people, ideas. It’s not the shoe company - it’s the person wearing the shoes. It’s not the eyeliner - it’s who this person becomes when they put it on. They want to connect in a meaningful way. You need to leverage this.

There’s a huge elephant in the room that both brands and influencers don’t want to talk about. Brands are skeptical. They understand the perceived value of the “influencer” but many companies are not totally sure how/when clicks and impressions translate to dollar signs.

Word of mouth testimonials are the most effective endorsements. Let’s put your advertising dollars and marketing budget into the hands of those who are already your biggest advocates, some of whom might already be your current customer base.  Let me help you find the right people who will promote your product or service with integrity, leaving you with undeniable results.

I understand most brands have in-house marketing team, and I think it’s fabulous but what you need is someone who understands and speaks influencer language. I’m not trying to replace anyone on your team, I’m coming in as a mediator.

Healthy business relationships turn into the most profitable partnerships and I’ve become the binding agent between brands and humans. We all have our strengths — let me use mine to promote yours. 


Editorial Writing & Reviews

I am the resident Cuisine & Restaurant Writer for Random Lengths News (est. 114K combined online + print readership) and a member of the Southern California Restaurant Writer's Association. Check out my blog: Food, Fashion & Foolish Fornication for monthly musings about food, fashion and dating. Why is this useful to you? First of all, it means that I'm prepared to write gorgeous invitations, press mentions, and social media content about your restaurant and event. It also means you can hit me up when you're doing something special - even if I'm not running it - for consideration in any of my publications!