Here's a little love from the media. 

A lifestyle blog by  Lisa Hsieh

A lifestyle blog by Lisa Hsieh


"Gina Ruccione hosts the events and being at one of her wonderful pop up dinners is like being at an intimate dinner party with girlfriends. This last Winter Harvest Dinner was set up right outside the flower shop & champagne bar (yes, it's both!) of a local favorite florist, Petals & Pop Shop. The dinner menu was a mouth-watering sampling of signature dishes by local gourmet food artisans and restaurants."

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LOCALE Magazine article by Gabrielle Abenoja

LOCALE Magazine article by Gabrielle Abenoja


"Plan to attend a Meal Sharing event hosted by Meal Sharing Creative Director, Gina Ruccione and you’ve begun your adventure. Here’s what will happen: you’ll get to the dinner and be gathered into a warm embrace by Gina. After expressing her glee at your attendance she will get down to business. “Get settled, the cocktails are in the corner. Have one, they’re delicious!” Meal Sharing in Orange County

The Hostess with the Mostess. Martha Stewart—eat your heart out."